Monday, June 25, 2012


After last week's heatwave and dancefesting to Walk the Moon at GovBall, you'll need Ghost Loft's stripped-down-tempo electro-pop therapy to get you through summer. LA-based producer, Danny Choi, has only been at it for a few months, but blends seductive samples with chilled out vocals, soothing synths and a vaguely hip-hop vibe effortlessly into a sonic escape that'll have you drifting on your longboard alongside another sultry surf bod instantly. The sun's heat and cool ocean current strike the perfect balance against your bronzed bodies and time slows down just enough to soak it all in before riding some more dance waves or heading inland for frosty drinks and steamy bonfire seduction.  Sounds pretty damn satisfying, doesn't it? Scoot a little closer with some Q&A action we've been hiding for far too long, and sink into Ghost Loft's reverie - Danny and the summer have only just begun.

Tell us about who Ghost Loft is, when and how it came together, and how you describe your sound.
I started the project sometime in January, so it's only been a few months. I was experimenting with different sounds and they later became the songs Blow and Slowdowntime. I would say overall, the music is pretty chill and relaxed.

Is there a story / idea behind the name "Ghost Loft"?
I wish I had an interesting story to tell about the name "Ghost Loft," but there's no real story. I just thought it was a fitting name.

What are the words/sounds in the beginning seconds of "Blow"? (It's dope, we can't figure it out!)
I'm not too sure either, but it sounds pretty cool.

What are the elements of your sound and what are some of your musical, artistic or other influences, and how have they inspired you?
I would say samples mixed with electronic sounds are some elements of my sound. My musical influences are pretty much everything I've ever listened to. I grew up listening to a lot of Phil Spector and Brian Wilson, but I'm also a huge hip hop fan. Films are also very inspiring; some of my favorite movies are from directors Jean-Luc Godard and Wong Kar-Wai.

What are your upcoming plans?
I'm currently working on an EP right now. I'm just trying to focus on the music before anything else.

If you could perform anywhere, with anyone, where would it be and who would it be with?
Being able to perform with Hologram Tupac would be pretty nice. But all jokes aside, I think Kanye is one of the few artists right now who puts on an exceptional show every night. I really admire the creativity and energy that Kanye puts into his shows, so I would choose to perform with Yeezy in Paris.
Ghost Loft - Seconds Ghost Loft - Slowdowntime Ghost Loft - Blow

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