Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Imagine Pretty Lights with equally amazing vocals and, by any standard, you've basically struck gold. Enter FEVRPITCH, an explosive LA based three-piece electro collaboration between dubstep/drumpstep DJ Kill Paris, British dance DJ/producer Mark Okoh and singer/songwriter Marty Rod. From lingering, down-tempo emotional tracks like "What's Your 20?" to anthemic, club-friendly jams like "Running Away", the resounding vocals and masterful integration of a myriad of music styles will blow your mind. It's time we get familiar with these fellas.

Having connected through SoundCloud, Mark Okoh and DJ Kill Paris began collaborating on projects in their spare time. It wasn't until the clarity that comes with being fully entrenched in music hit Mark at Coachella in 2010 (how could it not?) that he decidedly turned his music-making hobby into a full-time commitment. "The variety of acts: Deadmau5, Jay Z, David Guetta, Muse, Tiesto, MGMT, La Roux, and the way that they captured the crowd, held them and whipped them into a frenzy was inspiring, so when I came back to LA, I wanted to create songs that could do that". And so, the meeting of the creative minds began with the track "Let Me See Your Hands," capturing the overwhelmingly captivating Coachella experience with Marty's gospel-like vocals influenced by Moby's style in his work on Play. Soon after, the three officially came together and FEVRPITCH was born.

As Marty tells us, "the name was, I'm slightly embarrassed to say it, inspired by Adele's single "Rolling in the Deep". Living in LA, if you're in the unfortunate position of having to turn on your radio, you will, without a doubt, listen to Adele, Rihanna and Kings of Leon about 12 times each in a 30 minute time frame. My iPod ran out of batteries one fateful evening and that's when I heard that song... again. The phrase stood out to me - "reaching a fever pitch". It seemed to encapsulate both our climactic style and the end goal of all our music."

With diverse influences like Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Dada Life, Kaskade, Nero and Pendulum among others, it is the union of each of their distinct styles that makes FEVRPITCH work. Aiming to combine dance, electronic and dubstep beats with well-written songs and great vocals, they've created quality, emotionally engaging music that is introspective but also translates to the dance floor - and they hope you dance, a lot.

Look out for FEVRPITCH's contagious sound as they continue to gain traction with their EP "The Flash", release of 5 new tracks next month, music videos and a full rotation of shows. Mark tells us, "We expect this to be our breakout year and we'll be working our asses of to get as many songs out there as possible." -- literal music to our ears.

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