Monday, November 5, 2012


Motive played an intimate acoustic concert earlier this year at Dominion and ever since then we've been hooked. They are an incredible band that is full of passion and energy with amazing stage presence and a live show. We wanted to recreate that unplugged moment for our readers, and we were lucky enough to get the chance to watch them again. Big thanks to Motive, Ari, Greg, Joe, Kyle, and Peter for all your help in bringing this video to fruition. We now bring you, "Out of Bed," and "It's Illicit." Enjoy :) -m

Shot, Produced, Edited by Transplant Media (Greg Baldwin, Kyle Murphy, Joe Carmina) 
Mixed by Peter Wolford

Friday, November 2, 2012


Coalition of the Illin’ is the epitome of the Bushwick underground scene, spinning raw experimental beat music from their massive studio and warehouse parties over the past year. The Coalition? Matt Boynton, Chris Hund of Paxico Records, and Torie Pascoe are pioneers embracing the beat music culture and giving exposure to its emerging artists and producers. It’s a sound rooted in the natural rhythms within mind and body, fused with modern hip hop and vintage urban vibes like jazz and funk, drawing crowds into a synchronous, mind-bending sway. These throwdowns have grown at an epic rate and the crew are brewing up another big enough to rival Sandy at a new DIY venue. Stir yourselves crazy this Saturday the 3rd at FREECANDY with dope beats from Telli of Ninjasonik, Fresh Daily, VHVL, Suzi Analogue, Swarvy, Josh Hey, Bae Bro, and Sicilian Vibration. Event info here - $5 before midnight and $8 after.

Telli - The President

Fresh Daily - Early 

In the post-Sandy NYC spirit, Matt’s dry, well-lit apartment in Bushwick is now the home base for a slew of friends from across the river currently stranded without, well, anything. “We were super well prepared for the end of the world, and nothing happened” Matt noted of his Sandy experience in Brooklyn, “[So] we’ve been hosting stragglers all week - we’re literally the hostel.” It’s not surprising to hear knowing his super easy-going and good-natured personality. It’s this same passion for hosting that got Matt involved and that is carried into the Coalition party ethos.

“I’ve always loved throwing parties and bringing people together,” Matt stated, “and more importantly, experiencing really cool things that the world has to offer and then exposing them to people I care about.” After hosting a small going away party for his friend Gabi, at the infamous McKibbin Lofts in Bushwick last winter, the idea for Coalition of the Illin began to form. “Chris Hund and I wanted to throw a party at the Lofts and he knew all these really good artists, like Josh Hey, who had just released some tracks on Paxico Records.” Through these connections, they decided to take it from a standard Brooklyn party to one with live performances from singers, rappers, producers, and DJs. The first Coalition party included Swarvy, Josh Hey, and the East London bred Sir Froderick, who showed up unexpectedly and gave a killer set, making him a Coalition staple going forward.

SWARVY - Misya 

Josh Hey - New York 61

After the success of the first party, the guys held one more in the gritty McKibbin Lofts before taking it to a bigger space, coined ‘the Mezz’, on 91 Meserole Street. This huge warehouse space allowed the team to add a formal bar and a backstage area for the performers. But after hosting a few more parties and renting out the space for another event, they received their first noise complaint which brought out a few uninvited guests, aka the fire department. “They looked at the building records and realized it was not actually legal for anyone to live there, so they had to kick us out in the middle of the night.” Matt recalled. Even still he has no regrets about the space and the epic soirees that were held there. But without a place to call home, the Coalition of the Illin’ was forced to go on hiatus, making Saturday their re-debut in the Brooklyn underground scene. “The FREECANDY space legitimizes us. We don’t have to worry about the fact that the party is [located] where we live and we can actually enjoy ourselves a little bit more.”

By now we're sure you're all ready to do a little more than get out of our apartments and let a little loose, so here's your chance. The Coalition movement is set to take over once again with creators twerkin' beats that really go bump in an emerging underground scene from LA to Paris. Feeding off an energy equal to that 14th St. transformer explosion, this live music experience will no doubt blow your mind. Peep the tracks from the dope lineup after the jump and don’t miss out this Saturday on what will be an epic night in Brooklyn. Oh, and please bring canned food donations to support the Red Hook Housing Projects after our dear friend Sandy. RSVP here. See you there. - AG

vhvl - frgmnt

Suzi Analogue - SINGLE FILE LINE 

Bae Bro - Jumgle Cat

Sic Vibe - Chemical Descent

Friday, October 19, 2012


CMJ week is what seriously got us into this music love fest to begin with, so let's just say we couldn't be happier that it's here. And to celebrate, how about some brunch with some really, really amazing music? We've got you covered. You've already heard from Antennas Up and The Black Cadillacs, but you haven't heard the scoop on the rest of these bands.

Flashbulb Fires channel that atmospheric air from their native mile-high city and woo us with their soulful vocals. You'll be trekking through the soundscapes of the rockies with them toward a blissful oblivion.-ct

The Whale by FlashbulbFires
Cult Life by FlashbulbFires

Then, flutter on some percolating percussion with the sweet sounding, funky folk tunes of The Ragbirds. African drum circle?, Celtic fiddling?, yeah that'll be their unique melding of world music influences. Just take it all in and groove with them... -ct

. Tarantella by The Ragbirds

And quite possibly one of the greatest band names in town is Aunt Martha. Coincidentally (or not so coincidentally), they are one of the greatest folk bands in town. Listen to them for a minute and you realize all is well in the world as their soothing sound captivates your dreamy soul.-mc

Aunt Martha - Nassau by Intall Grass
Aunt Martha- Blue Buildings by burnthebowery

For those who mourn the "death of rock and roll"...we have a few words. Listen to The Swayback. Like, immediately...They bring a heavy dose of rock and roll swag and seductive sounds that get the crowds going wild.-mc

When you suddenly feel introspective, intellectual, and need to chill...Barcelona is there for you. When you need some cool music to vibe to while throwing back some G+T's and trying to seduce that stranger you met at the bar doing Halloween Jager Bombs, Barcelona is there for you. They're that weird chameleon in music. No matter what your mood, throw on a song and it will be just perfect. I promise. -mc

Slipping Away by Barcelona

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Antennas Up  is a must-see at CMJ week. Here is our exclusive interview with the band, and be sure to check them out 10/20 at the CMJ Showcase at Rockwood!

Describe NYC in one word.

What are your goals for CMJ week?
We're wanting to play as much as possible. Between blogs, podcasts, catching shows and playing our CMJ Showcase, we hope to stay plenty busy.

What are your plans for 2012?
We'll be touring around the Midwest and Northeast and releasing songs and recording / releasing songs when we're off the road.

What is the band's favorite and least favorite part of being on the road?
I can only speak for myself but I love getting into the local dives of the cities we play, finding the best food, local brews and experiences only that town has to offer.

Least favorite?
The change of pace getting into the routine and back out of it. I have a lot of inertia, so when I've been home a while, making that transition to being in "road mode" is a hurdle, and vice versa, getting home from the road is a jarring process.

Love "the Awkward Phase!" What's the most awkward moment you guys have experienced? After about a month out touring with a band from the South, we found out their way of saying "goodbye" was saying "everyone show your dicks." No comment on who did and who didn't.

Do you guys have any pre-show rituals?
Our only real pre-show ritual is talking about how we wish we had a pre-show ritual. Someday, maybe....

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


The Black Cadillacs will be playing The Vinesfield Agency/HMG Public Relations CMJ Showcase on  at Rockwood Music Hall. We got the chance to catch up with these amazing rockers from Tennessee and can't wait for them to take the stage! Bring on October 20th!

NYC in one word: 

What are your goals for CMJ week?
To play CMJ was one of the band's main goals. We will certainly be going out to meet as many other acts as possible - really looking forward to seeing bands that we would otherwise rarely have the opportunity to. Plus, October in Manhattan sounds pretty nice. 

What's the weirdest thing that ever happened to you on tour? 
When the band was just starting out, we played at a biker rally on an Indian Reservation in North Carolina with Buckcherry.

What's your favorite show you've ever played? Why?
Our favorite show to date is one that we had in Knoxville last fall. The local college station, WUTK, hosts a show every so often called "The Funhouse". We had recently come off of our first ever extended tour, something like thirty dates over two three-week spans, and it had been a few months since we had played at home. Playing on the road for the first time to that extent was, at times, demoralizing. We generally did decently in our hometown but with how long it had been since we had last played, and pre-show nerves being as they are, a few of us were getting anxious in the green room. Little did we know that our time spent on the road coupled with that mid-summer show had created quite a buzz for us. By the time we went on stage there were over six hundred people waiting for us to go on. The room well past capacity and we played for over two hours, loving every second. Shows like that are always a sharp reminder of why we play music.-mc

What's one random fact about each band member?
John drove a sweet Camaro in high-school.
Kevin is extremely proud of his Greek heritage.
Philip is a Scotch connoisseur.
Will is the youngest of seven.
Adam was never pinned in his high-school wrestling career of one season.
Matthew had a beard first.

What is your approach to making music and why was signing with Young Giant Records was the right decision for the band?
Almost all of our songs speak of personal experience - and almost all of our songs start with either Will and/or Matthew putting the basic structure and lyrics for the song in place. Once it is ready to take it to the band the song really takes on its form and feel, each member contributing their own part. In regard to creativity and direction, Young Giant left it entirely up to us. They were very excited about our first self-released album and were willing to work with us without having any input as to what we wrote or recorded. We had interest from other labels but none that would've allowed us to put out something that was ours.
Run, Run by theblackcadillacs
Find My Own Way by theblackcadillacs

Monday, September 17, 2012


We are so excited to announce our first CMJ show at Rockwood Music Hall on October 20th from 12pm-6pm.

So many amazing bands will be part of the showcase presented by The Vinefield Agency and HMG Public Relations:

Barcelona, Aunt Martha, The Swayback, The Ragbirds, The Black Cadillacs, Antennas Up, and Flashbulb Fires.

Get ready for some great music, brunch, and free admission! We are so honored to be sponsoring this CMJ Show along with EarCandy Podcast, and

For the next month we will have exclusive interviews with every band on the line-up and share the songs we are absolutely loving! Here is a sneak peek from each artist. Enjoy! -MC

Call Your Girlfriend (Robyn Cover) by Barcelona
Run, Run by theblackcadillacs
Bloodshot by AuntMarthaBand Six Wheels by The Ragbirds

12 Flashbulb Fires Serious Way by greaterthancollective

Thursday, September 6, 2012


We wrote about Life Size Maps back in April and officially crowned them the most awesome noise rock band around town. They released their five song EP a few weeks ago and they are ready to rock Williamsburg tonight! Mike and Emily answered our pressing questions with an enthusiasm a band called only Life Size Maps could answer...

How is the EP different than the other material you have released in the past?
Mike: This EP is different because we used only a few sounds over and over, recombining them in different ways. The goal was to make the songs leaner and more focused.

What's the weirdest "instrument" you played on the new EP?
Mike: The weirdest instrument we played was a pair of brake drums from a junkyard car. I've had a troubled history with them. They're pretty heavy and one time my friend dropped one and smashed my laptop.

What's your go-to pump up song or tradition before playing shows?
Emily: I listen to the set and have a shot or 2 of whiskey
Mike: Go to song for me is "Get Older" by Dan Deacon or anything by Melt-Banana

It's awesome to see a female in a kick-ass band. Emily-any advice you would give to other female artists who are looking to break into the mostly male-dominated rock music scene?
Emily: I would just say to work hard and not be intimidated, just do your thing. If you are on top of your shit no one can say anything to you!

Who are some of your favourite local bands to play with?
Emily: Bands with my friends in them - Butter the Children, Celestial Shore, Psychobuildings, Visuals
Mike: Diiv, Heaven's Gate, The Dreebs

Who's the best dancer out of the three of you guys? Mike: I've seen Matt move pretty well to Janka Nabay.

Excavate by Life Size Maps
Stand Still by Life Size Maps
Woozy by Life Size Maps
Darkling by Life Size Maps

Friday, August 31, 2012


Slow Club is by no means new, but this British duo has undergone a massive transformation in their sophomore album, Paradise, that swings to sassier pop stylings than the indie-folk sound of their debut album, and we're digging it. Watching Harry Potter doing non-Harry Potter things is always an amusement, but there's a layered complexity and understated wit to their their perfectly harmonized and instantly addictive hooks that suggests they've found their groove.  The exuberant vocal swells against the steady momentum of the drums and sharp riffs create a dynamic synergy that reminds you this is great music, and this is great Pop music. So get on over to Glasslands tonight and jam with their thoroughly rockable tunes. Tickets.
Slow Club - Beginners (King of Town Remix) Slow Club - The Dog Slow Club - If We're Still Alive

Thursday, August 23, 2012


We just wrote about one of our favorite bands, Slam Donahue when they played Soho House.  And they just released their new EP, Hemlock Tea. Annnnnd they're playing tonight at Delinquency. AND they just did an interview with us...and it's pretty awesome! You must see them play tonight...or in their words "break your dumb plans and come to our show." Respect. 

If you guys could choose to be a rapper, who would you each pick?

Dave:  I'd be Q-Tip circa 1990 because I can kick it, yes I can.

Thomas:  Ghostface, for sure.  I’d get that huge eagle statue bracelet.  Ghostface and Q-tip would be a nice group.

What's the weirdest NYC experience you guys have had?

Dave:  It’s either the time Tom and I went to a Christmas party on acid, not realizing it was a "Christmas party" with knit sweaters and cookies on platters or the time I went to a party and blacked out, only to wake up naked in my kitchen covered in blood with no clue how I got there.  Both of them shits were weird as f-ck.

Thomas:  Two fellas were fighting with a circle of people around them yelling unintelligible things.  One guy was swinging on the other with a crowbar.  It got out of hand very quickly and one of the guys standing in the circle stepped in with a pistol.  As I was running across the street with my head ducked down after he fired a shot, I could hear the pinging of bullets off some stores rolling shutter as people responded.  I was about ten feet away when the guy pulled the gun and it was six thirty in the afternoon.

What current musicians do you really admire?

Dave:  I really love Kevin Barnes from Of Montreal, David Longstreth of The Dirty Projectors, Kanye West from Kanye West, Fiona Apple...I just respect good craftsmanship.  When every sound recorded is completely necessary, and nothing more than that. 

Thomas:  Kendrick Lamar, The Dream, James Murphy, Diplo.  Mainstream.

Best Pizza place in New York?

Dave:  I got to rep my local spot Danny's Pizza on Bushwick Ave.  I go there 4 or 5 times a week and whenever I get pizza from anywhere else, I’m always like "Damn, this is no Danny's".  To me, it's just like a home cooked meal.  Same feeling.

Thomas:  And if you get tired of Danny’s, David’s Italia Best on Grand Street is gross dope stepped on Pizza.  It’s gross but good.  Also, they are always playing Shrek for some reason.  

What inspired you to learn how to play instruments?

David:  When I was growing up my dad was always playing bass or electric guitar and my mom was always listening to Whitney Houston, singing and dancing in the living room.  We would all join in and dance around in circles and so from an early age, I was taught that music was a fun group activity that brought people together.  I didn't start playing myself until i was about 12 though.  i would listen to Nirvana songs and try to write my own versions of all of their hits.  Then I'd show the fam, get positive responses, and then do it again and again.  I'm basically conditioned to do this, so it's not really a surprise.

Thomas:  My dad had a few bands growing up.  I would play Nintendo while they practiced at his buddy’s house.  After mastering Super Mario Bros and Punch Out, I got to f-cking around with their guitars while they were on smoke break.

You recently tweeted, "All bugs go to Heaven." Do they really?

Dave:  I may have been a little too generous with that statement. Some bugs are really big assholes and just fly into your face over and over and I’m sure those ones are going to hell.  I was just trying to raise awareness to the fact that there are some bugs that will go to heaven.  They will just be the decent bugs with good intentions, I guess.

Good Morning World by Cantora Records
Slam Donahue :: "Bug in the Sun" by Cantora Records

Monday, August 20, 2012


Most days, byd serves as a blog with the main focus on artists that play shows in nyc. However, a little-known group in Denmark caught our attention as soon as we opened the e-mail containing the video for "Make it Up Somehow," by Harmonics. The baby-faced lead singer, Søren, has a unique voice that suits the upbeat indie-pop music Soren, Frederick, and Frederick dish out. 
Frederik Langkjær describes the music as, "melodic folk/indie/rock that portrays the individual standing alone in the crowd. [It's] a universe of the '70s fanciful soundscape embracing the modern folk-melody." 

Søren Damsbo-Svendsen and Frederik Håkonssen met in a high-school summer class and quickly became friends as they played music and talked all night into the early hours of the morning. Søren adds, "The first time I played with him in Frank Zappa-Jam-class, he brought along a drum kit with 4 toms and a double-pedal for the kick drum, and I thought he was kicking butt behind the set. At that time I was a lot into glam rock, worshiping Queen, The Darkness and Guns 'N Roses so he got a few points in my book.  When he came back to the course the next year, all he did was listen to jazz and playing poly-rythmic stuff that I didn't feel and understood nothing of, but still we played funk in the basement for hours with our Norwegian friend Simen Aasen on the bass. Later Frederik H. discovered rock 'n roll and the magic surrounding a good song with simple elements, and that's where we meet now when we create together." 

As Søren and Frederick were trying to put together an early formation of the band, they found another Soren and Frederick to join them as they all found their sound ("strong sounds with simple elements") , by jamming together and recording rough demos on a laptop. They're going to a cottage in Sweden later this year to write and record more songs and while the release date on the EP isn't officially confirmed, we can't wait to hear what these guys have in store later this year!

Come To Dance by HARMONICS
Return Different by HARMONICS
Make It Up Somehow by HARMONICS
Trash Us Out For Good by HARMONICS
  Sally Girl by HARMONICS